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carchan is our future tbh


>500 internal server error
>file not found
Do we need to pack?


we've needed to pack
either here or dudemans chan. i think keeping this place as the bunker / alternate board


the one million get on dudchan would feel dirty


76?? Not working for me. Or did dudd build some other place?


it's carchan.wrigel.xyz mr tooth-nig


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>monster thread can't be accessed
now that's what I call a website


this its time to just move there.


as much as i dont love the post number jump i cant really come up with any real major complaints about dudders site. he'll listen to >us anyways about what >we want


i like it. it was going to be something i tried to get from the next place we went to anyway


sportschan.org is reality now


1mil going to feel dirty but thats ok


>O Ddduder Ddduder


guessing itll be back up in a few minutes probably messing with something


yeah its back



Its really real
Brings a tear to my eye
We did it budys


the dud din dud it


rest in piss


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