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is this sportschan ends? not with a prank, but with a whimper?


alpharacks fucked us over
second hosting provider ddduder trusted that killed everything


second twit/sp/ exodus


>sold 76chan for 10 dollars to milk kike
>chose a shoddy host that back fired down the line


File: 1558156759483.png (630.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180305-155645.png) Google iqdb

snitchbro brought down the host from beyond his grave because he can't stand not being BO.


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Anyone from here heard anything from Dddudeman? fuck lads I don't want 76chan to be ded again we were only back for like a month


doesn't matter I found the thread he was posting in lel


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this is it, /sp/rotans. its all over ;_;

can we just hold each other on last tiem?



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>a month
i've got vichan kakis goin back to august tho
weren't me on carchan for the ws?


we have been using sportschan/carchan since August 1 2018 what the fuck you doing?
It became sportschan using the sportschan domain on August 5th



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thnx t-paste


I'm talking about 76chan.tk, dddudeman bought it back recently and we're on the same server as sportschan I guess
We did have our own bunker on 8chan but it's ded so everyone probably forgot about it


Itll be fine dudder will fix it. Its gonna be okay tbh this was a fuckup but I trust dudderman to actually fix his shit


just might be a few weeks
im fine with that. >we will survive. sleepovers r fun


File: 1558229523343.png (25.41 KB, 1190x397, ClipboardImage.png) Google iqdb

I opened a support ticket 18 hours ago and have received no response. I can hardly log into the client area.
From everything I had read online, alpharacks wasn't shoddy until this. No one knew anything about what was going on, and tbh I still really don't know what's true and what's not. I will be transferring to another host though.
Like I mentioned in another thread, I had 3 servers with alpharacks, and they are all dead because of this. Two of them I'd had for like 3 or 4 years and never had any issues with.
I won't just let this kill off 76chan and sportschan. I'll find a new host. The main thing I'm worried about is getting my files off of those servers.


goatbro wants his board back. obviously he dug deep to get alpharax taken down


What's the reason for this? Just sheer incompetence on the host's part?




you have to get threatening on them
thats too passive
show them >>5120


their explanation of a routing issue is impossible
there are many alternate paths available
anyone who understands how layer 3 routing works knows they are full of bullshit

these kikes were running their entire business off servers that did not belong to them and got caught
now everyone is locked out


this, i have already left voicemails for their owner reading excerpts of the Hadith and singing my favorite nasheeds


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this tbh


sana looking at my trying not to get mad when i mention something embarrassing while we are walking around in public


sana waving at me when she is doing her band stuff and she is thinking of all the naughty stuff she wants to do with me later in the day once we are alone


thread hidden


sana when she is holding my gock as im about to cum but doesnt want to get it in her perfect hair or face so she squirts it over her shoulder even though she said she was going to let me get a facial in this time


File: 1558239364532.jpg (98.12 KB, 500x704, original.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

that's not sana


sana looking at me with those lusty eyes when we are all the park and im playing frisbree with my coon and tzuyu more interested in my coon cause she thinks it is so cutre


File: 1558239612626-0.jpg (109.46 KB, 704x956, tzuyu-twice3-e150043118142….jpg) Exif Google iqdb

File: 1558239612626-1.jpg (205.12 KB, 1080x720, epicsode02.jpg) Exif Google iqdb



i know cause all my experiences with my sana-tzuyu love triangle shenanigans are real




File: 1558239970646.jpg (46.34 KB, 640x709, tzuyu-dog-2.jpg) Exif Google iqdb


Would it be possible to temporarily redirect the 76chan domain to a bunker like how it is here with sportschan? Just to let everyone know that the site isn't gone for good



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