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sonuva bitch




Bunch of faggots


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>being a sub
Get down on your knees for Daddy sluts.


that things not human
so its not a sin to throw it in the garbage


>All sorts of things could happen! Perhaps (at least in some cities) autistic people will form their own communities, supporting and helping each other. Perhaps societal acceptance will accelerate!
do people actually believe that sub retard IQ mutes will actually form their own societies??


they're not mutes
believe me autistics scream a lot
they're just too stupid to talk


I have been dabbling in time travel
By the 2500s the people we know today as being autistic (closer to the aspies not the actual autists who are functionally vegetables) have evolved into being considered a completely different race of humanity than those who didn't have the brain mutations.
Many wars were fought but the aspies always have had a tactical advantage
Future textbooks make mention of vaccine warfare being used in our era.


thank you for your service


dabbing* in time travel

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