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reminder that if .net and/or .xyz is down, use eu.endchan.net


Based Toothpaste saves the day again


net and xyz down currently


>Communication between our frontend and LynxChan has failed. LynxChan has crashed, in the middle of restarting or can't be restarted. Give it a few seconds and reload.
>Give it a few seconds
>few seconds


odili is doing server maintenance today
It was posted all over the homepage and I even made a thread to warn everyone on /sp/ but nobody listened


I thought he did it 2 days ago during west coast power hour. Or was that just a random downtime?


retard it said April 25th
The thread said April 25th


oh wait endchan is down?


it will be back by tomorrow


are you sure?


Dilly lost the key to decrypt the drives. The site is gonna be down for a while if not forever. Ask him if you don't believe me.



lol neat prove it tho? i mean sites die its okay.


>sportschan reaches 300'000 posts
>host site crashes with no survivors
every time


really need to figure out a long term home at some point.


File: 1524677301685-0.png (284.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180425-132746.png) Google iqdb

File: 1524677301685-1.png (298.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180425-132757.png) Google iqdb


>megamilk has joined


so endchans dead. pretty cool, stephen lynx is so bitchy honestly.


welp time to figure out the new home and shit i say bronnen


Don't laugh. Mewch is more stable than endchan by far.



why are these imageboard owners such dipshits?
fucking retarded motherfucking fuck fuck idiot motherfucker bullshit FUCK ODILI FUCK MEGAMILK FUCK DDDUDDENIGGER FUCK FREDDIT FUCK MOOT





>why are these imageboard owners such dipshits?
because anyone with more than 2 brain cells would realize that its a ton more work than its worth


yeh but fuck that fucking global mods on mewch are literally the remenants of le herd. and i dont trust megamilk in general.


reminder that megamilk "accidentally" broke 76chan too for no reason then immediately tried to get everyone to switch to his failed abomonation after he "accidentally" broke 76chan FOR NO REASON

now odili has locked himself out of endchan for no fucking reason
what kind of admin doesn't even keep track of his own decrypt keys? autistic plan to give half to a person who has zero interest in your site


die megakike
i would murder you without remorse


from what i gathered endchan's setup was far more complex than what was needed
literally no reason for any sort of decryption or multiple servers when theres not more than 30 people posting


Mewch has been battling the goons since it's start. The team members afaik are all old kusaba imageboard admins in their 30s. Mega has to be 30 at least I know. I rather move to mewch than some shitty site that's owned by a 15 year old. I'm not defending what happened to 76chan but mewch is very stable since the start and /wai/ a guest board is surviving pretty well there.


you can do all that shit if you want to JUST FUCKING KNOW WHERE YOUR KEYS ARE NIGGER
even fucking notepad that shit somewhere



fuck off


mega kike has attempted to shill his site in incredibly unethical ways you are a cancer


how the fuck does milkcuck smell opportunities for new users so quick
god damn im gonna crash mewch


>battling the goons since its start
>by battling i mean give nanotech, slovenia etc admin access


with this babby GET I declare an official fatwa on mega kike and justify all murderous activity against him and his family


>goons are back and trying to get their big brother /sp/ acceptance again


at least the instant sportschan.org redirect works

It's time to legitimately get someone killed over this bullshit


I miss /librejp/ ;_;


File: 1524679093500.jpg (47.8 KB, 493x397, June_05-(12).jpg) Exif Google iqdb


go back to canitbesaturdaynow.com faggot


when did toothpaste turn into a fag?


For the record the last post on endchan was 260608


add it to the all time /sp/ count combining it with our 8ch, poland, infinityNever, and 76chan counts

fucking niggers


please fucking die of aids already


me to budy


always been that way tbh, he's a passive aggressive bitch nigger


this leads me to believe both odili and balrog are legitimately retarded. seriously no fucking excuse for that type of idiocy. StephenLynx may be a faggot but he's exactly right - not his site, not his responsibility; how the fuck did the two who actually have responsibility manage to
>a) lose the key in the first place
>b) not check to ensure they had the key before they attempted the migration
both actions are completely tay-sachs-tier


I am pretty much convinced that you have to be legitimately retarded to become an imageboard owner


he was being a bit of a bitch when i was bullying him in IRC the other day. the way he has managed endchan so far i honestly already thought he was retarded


the only retarded thing dudeman ever did was sell the site to megamilk
other than that he was pretty competent. especially considering he was like 16


me to
yunno their BO hands out in IRC
maybe we can find where they went


me the next retarded imageboard owner buddy


>[19:07] <~Balrog-was-here> OdiliComm I'm back, remind me was the crypto password a passphrase?
>[19:07] <@OdiliComm> I think so
>[19:07] <@OdiliComm> you have no clue how much your appearence makes me happy
>[19:07] <@OdiliComm> you never gave it to me, so I have no clue if it was a phrase or not
>[19:08] <@OdiliComm> I thought you gave it to lynx but he says no
>[19:08] <@OdiliComm> but I think you can try decrypting it as many times as you want
we are hitting incompetence levels that shouldn't be possible


its best to read the IRC with benny hill music playing on loop


File: 1524708841318.jpg (532.22 KB, 1024x684, orang-suffer.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

cot damn


odli btfo


>tfw never had a whataburger


just cook a burger and cover it with mustard
there. now you have had an whataburger


is that equivalent to the password being password?



There are really just too many people involved holy shit. Balrog for one seems to heavily involved in the managament aspect yet doesn't do anything.
You see here, he seems to tell Odili he gave Lynx password and then Lynx doesn't seem to remember. Lynx seems like a trolly fem boy but he doesn't seem like a liar or anything. If he doesn't remember being told that or doesn't have anything I doubt he's lying.
Like when .xyz went down for abuse 99% sure it was because a mod used the wrong delete option on CP photo so the shit was still on the server somewhere even if it wasn't readily accessible but it took them DAYS to find.


slovenia literally has his jew claws dug into that sites management. fuck mewch and fuck you for pretending to be one of >us to shill it


the entire thing is a cluster fuck. if it goes back up >we should seriously consider not returning. the only reason i want to go back there is to possibly snatch Adolph's boards and piss him off if everything gets started new


What are some good alternatives? Here, and Meguca are the only decent alternatives I can think of atm. I kind of hate liveposting though.


liveposting is only an board option megucuca board owner can turn it off dude ive made a board there to play with the options before.


oh shit, good to know. The postcount for their site is universal too right?


File: 1524716986796.jpg (71.83 KB, 800x600, mpv-shot0004.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

listen to be buddy, "we" can all see through your shitty disguise so just pack up and leave right now before something really bad happens.


its that time to list alternatives some of these may not be realistic but here again
>finalchan yeah theyd be glad to have some more posting im sure
>nextchan lol this software isnt even finished
>bronnen upvotes and geo locations buddies
>lainchan might give /sp/ an expansion board. kind of a no fun allowed chan might say no.
>indiachan, only has a catalog, but /sp/ would finally be on cricket chan buddies
> 8ch lol lol jim
>7chan dead and unfriendly
>arisuchan lainchan spinoff really dead
>openchan? i think they even have a /sp/ board

i can sit here and list more but im just listing shit buddies


yes its a global post count


id rather negotiate with depresbro since this place has been seemingly stable and low key


File: 1524717453686.png (158.08 KB, 642x631, Screenshot_2018-04-26_00-3….png) Google iqdb

yeh it needs a few fixes but it could be okay. im just listing places other than where the board obviously is right now. also openchan is out buddies i went to their /sp/ look, its in the rules things must be in generals.


File: 1524717865200.jpg (58.31 KB, 800x600, mpv-shot0013.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

just turn off geo flags, add sports ones, add a like button or two and maybe some basic login features and it would feel like home


it does feel really comfy.. kinda like how 76chan did
plus i have that theme on it feels so nostalgic ;_;


smashing that mother fucking like button on /sp/ would feel so right. and depresbro seems very cool.


i think it should stay sportsman its suitably epic


how much would it even ballpark cost to run a chan a month with a decent file size limit (endchan's was unsuitably high tbh) and just have a /sp/ and maybe a /b/ board?
do they give discounts if you pay for the year in advance?




i think many places have like cheap intro prices, then bump it up after any appreciable time. im really not familiar with any of this tho


probably around 30 bucks a month or less. so not too high. you have to use certain hosts for a chan cause some hosts are more likely than others to randomly nuke your site.

you can get discounts for paying for a full year at once.




i liked lynxcode formatting so much
fuck this dudcode


can someone explain how all this works?
cant you just buy the domain and host it off a PC?? i really dont understand any of this


because your ISP would get pissed at you for all the traffic.



another potential bunker I guess


guys im laying in a pile of my own piss sobbing i hope everything turns out okay


what does traffic matter?


computer term for electricity


yes this is perfect
now i want you to think very hard about bringing your tulpa into existence.. just focus


just to be fair hed probably kick anyone out who tried to use it as a bunker for long. its setup to be a live test i mean look at the file size limit.


who the fuck is dirbo


Where did librejp go?


idk, i tried askin toshaki in IRC but he's afk
maybe you can take a shot


Only thing i know foe certain is that odilly, ballrug and melkdud's transgressions must be paid for in blood


File: 1524719250075.jpg (128.12 KB, 450x494, 1225596941657.jpg) Exif Google iqdb

We fucked up, /sp/. We fucked up bad. OdiliTime fucked up because he didn't double-check his work, I fucked up because I didn't perform proper key management. It's a complete fucking shitshow all around, and I hate myself for it. (For the record, I do perform a lot of management work, it's just that it's a) mostly behind the scenes and b) I haven't had more than about an hour of solid free time in almost a month, so I haven't been able to work on the site much. The latter is why .xyz kept going down; I couldn't even spare the time to check the domain panel.)

We're not giving up, though. OdiliTime has a partial backup of the site from a week ago that he made as a failsafe during the migration that he's currently trying to massage into working. Yes, we're amateurs. Yes, we sometimes don't entirely know what we're doing. Yes, we tried to be too smart for our own fucking good and it backfired on us in the worst possible fashion. People with enough experience to not make these mistakes don't host imageboards because they're too busy with their real jobs to deal with the hassle. (8chan and 4chan are the only exceptions because they have either volunteers who can't get better jobs or "friends in high places" that can either afford real support or got it right the first time.) But we're doing it anyway, and we're going to ''keep'' doing it, because this is our home too, and come hell or high water we are going to keep it alive. This isn't just for /sp/; this is for /AM/ and /librejp/ and /kc/ and /pol/ and all the rest of you fucking faggots because we like you and we want to hang out with people like you. We will stumble alongside you through all the pain and the stupidity and the embarrassment, because we love what you love and we love it too much to just let it die like this.

We won't give up. We ''can't'' give up.


isn't kind of odd? Balrog just seems almost completely inactive but Odili acts like he's present. Snakedude literally does nothing but just give dosh to those two, Odili keeps the shit up and running for the most part and deals with the bumps in the road but this last thing is just ridiculous. How the fuck are the three of them not fucking communicating regarding a big migration in order to save them fucking money? This would be actually infuriating if there weren't warning signs about all this shit prior to this.


this is really gay


dude you didnt know? snakedude disapeared well over a year ago


no worries. remember when moot lost his shit and had to drive 4chin servers across country for the new host? it will all work out in the end




File: 1524719480252.jpg (149.43 KB, 500x750, bebf474b87e132c56cd89e1274….jpg) Exif Google iqdb

if that were true wouldn't they have ran out of money?


We got donations my dude


fuck off sana you robot whore


File: 1524719652494.jpg (275.12 KB, 1000x1500, 7dff3904dc05cb7578610a4de0….jpg) Exif Google iqdb

lol I didn't think anyone really donated any considerable amounts tbh

she's not a robot she's just not very smart


for the past week i never took a bath. instead i bought a pack of baby wipes and have been cleaning my pits, neck, balls and ass crack every day. so far its been working pretty god.


i pity weak ass fools who bathe at all i refuse to im a fucking man not a little girl.


Is this copypesto?


>no worries
speak for yourself. my biggest concern is site stability and endchan has hardly been the shining example the past few months


Just kidding about this commitmenet to the site thing.I want you to know endchan is an operation for the nsa. Considering how /sp/ tends to post you guys wont be getting arrested. But I can say basically all the other boards will be.


no it's him he linked the post in IRC


/sp/ claims responsibility for terrorist attacks almost every day


This rally is the patrician chad method of hygeine. Also
>miswack chewing sticks ftw fuck the (((dental association)))


What did you just say?


yeah but its not serious enough the way you guys post it. step your game up if you wanna go to prision./pol/ /news/ /librejp/ even /ggrevolt/ will all be in comfy jail cels within the week.


>kuffar getting blown up on a regular basis
>not serious enough
get a load of this kid


independent speejad had been responsible for every major terror attack in the past 4 years


Ill beat your ass in this thread right now fucker. Ill fucking rape your godamned mother right here on depreschan.


Yu wont do it fagt


i'll succ yo dik from da back n beat dat azz


Yea I was being a bitch. I was heated and tired. I thought you were the spammer I was fighting.


apologizing is weakness


oh fuck it's back


back to 4/19 it looks like


the old /dir/ BO, how do you not know that?
another chapter for the history book written

thanks again depreschan

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